About IAG

The Insurance Advisory Group are an Independent Mortgage and Insurance Broker, totally committed to protecting our clients, now and in the future.

Too often we have discovered, that clients are not receiving the correct advice, from other insurance brokers or advisers, they are not informed at the time of advice, the in-depth detail, of what their policies will cover them for, or more importantly what they do not cover them for.

At The Insurance Advisory Group, we take great pride, in finding the most suitable product for our clients, which will fully meet their needs and requirements, because life insurance is not something that one size fits all.

But we don’t stop there, we will ensure that your policies are set up correctly from the beginning, so that if a claim is made on the policies that the pay-out goes directly to your loved ones, and not to Probate. (Probate a complicated legal process that can delay the pay-out from your policies, for up to Two years).

And, unlike other companies, WE DO THIS FOR YOU, we do not send out complicated legal forms, for you to fill in, and hope that you do this correctly.

The Insurance Advisory Group dedicated to you, and securing you and your family’s future.

IAG has access to every provider ensuring you get the most appropriate and suitable cover for you and your family. Our main areas of business include Mortgage Advice, Life Insurance, Wills & Trusts and Funeral Plans.

Our Life Insurance Services

With over 26+ years in the financial industry, the Insurance Advisory Group's motto is to ensure you are being provided the right information to make an informed choice on your financial needs and requirements now and in the future.

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Life Insurance from £6 a Month