Life Insurance Services

The devil is in the detail as they say. So, you need to know if your policy that you are paying towards to protect you and your family, meets your needs and requirements, and perhaps more importantly has been set up properly, and is not going to be subject to Probate or Act of Confirmation if your family had to make a claim.

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If your current life policy has not been set up properly, it could become subject to Probate or Act of Confirmation, which could delay any pay-out at a time when your family would need the money most.

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At Insurance Advisory Group, we do things better and differently, to secure you and your families future.

Every life policy we provide for our clients is written in Trust; this makes sure that the people you want to receive your life policy benefits DO!

And ensures your policy is never subject to Probate or Act of Confirmation, and should your family ever have to make a claim, they would receive the proceeds straight away, without delay. However, we also go one step further, we provide all our new clients with a legally binding will to better secure you and your families future. And, we are members of The Society of Will Writers.

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This whole service is completely Free of Charge, so call us now, and find out if you have the best policy for you in place, and if it has been set up correctly.

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Life Insurance

Helps to Financially protect your family’s future should the unexpected happen.

However, is your current cover the best available to you? Could you be paying too much?

 Is it meeting your needs and requirements?

 Has it been set up properly, if it hasn’t then the people you want to benefit fully may not, and could leave your life policies subject to probate or act of confirmation, could yours be one of them?

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Critical Illness

In life being diagnosed with a critical illness can be life-changing, it can cause physical and emotional stress for both you and your family. Critical illness cover provides a cash sum pay out and could be used to cover loss of earnings, repay your mortgage, and help with medical treatment to aid your recovery.

However, do you have the most suitable cover?

Critical Illness has changed over the years, so you might need expert advice on your policy, or if you are thinking of taking out Critical Illness cover, you are going to need guidance and we are here to help.

Over 50's

Are you over the age of 50? Over 50's plans are designed to meet the needs of people aged 50 to 80 who don’t have finances or savings in place to help with the cost of a funeral. With Best Policy's over 50 plans you can put something in place to help your family financially when you are no longer around.

Accident & Sickness

Out of work due to an accident or illness? Worried about your income and financial commitments? Best Policy can help advice and provide you the right cover so that you can still get a monthly income and meet your financial commitments whilst you get back on your feet.

Need Whole of Life Assurance?