Trusts & Will Services

Most people believe that making a will is a job for another day! Here at The Glasgow Will Company, we believe it is too important for that.

The simple will (or “last will and testament”- its official name) is something that has been utilised for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is a writing which declares your desires for you, your assets, and your family upon your death. The two main reasons people write a will are because they do not want the state to decide who gets their assets after death (as would be the case without a properly drafted will in place) and also because they want to select who should be the guardian of their minor children if the parents are to die prematurely.

A will makes sure your property is given to the people you desire to benefit, how you want it distributed to them and it does so when you want it to go to them. This distribution can include real estate, cash, bonds, stocks and other valuable assets; as well as other items with less monetary value such as family photos, collections of knick-knacks, and other items around your house. The person appointed to handle this distribution is called the “executor” or “personal representative.” The executor is generally a family member or very close friend, who is highly trusted to take care of your affairs. The other big job of a will is to establish a successor guardian for minor children, to avoid court battles after your death.

When you apply for any life policy at Insurance Advisory Group or Best Policy you'll be provided with a free, legally binding will by The Glasgow Will Company. Thereby ensuring you'll not only have the most suitable protection policies in place but also that your family is fully protected and that you do not have to worry about dying intestate, and all the worries, delay and costs, that this would bring.

Will Writing

Dont leave things to chance. Ensure your assets go to the right people. With The Glasgow Will Company's Will Writing service, we review your whole estate and assets and advise you on the best way to protect them and can produce for you a legally binding will, all under the guidance of The Society of Will Writers.


Looking for more increased asset protection for your loved ones? Setting up a Trust Will with The Glasgow Will Company ensures that after death, your beneficiaries are spared from the lengthy probate process and they receive their inheritance immediately, or according to your instructions in the trust.

Power of Attorney

The Glasgow Will Company can help you give someone you trust the authority to make decisions and to act on your behalf in the event you become incapable. A Lasting Power of Attorney is an essential document for anyone who has assets to protect and wants someone to act in their best interests.

Funeral Plans

The Glasgow Will Company offer a range of funeral plans that deliver peace of mind to you and your family. Prevent the need for difficult decisions, we will get the service you want. Rest assured that you and your family will be relieved of much of the financial strain that bereavement can so often bring.

Free Will With Any IAG Life Policy